Major General Dan Bolger, C.O. 1st Cavalry Division



“The Padre Island Women’s Book Club chose 'The Ghost in the Orange Closet' as their May, 2009, book selection. We are a group of professional women from all parts of the country and of all ages who really enjoyed the book. We felt the book was not only a journal of -(war)-experiences, both humorous  and traumatizing, but a timely source on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
It’s a fascinating & well  worthwhile read!” 
  Marsha Baxter, Padre Island Book Club


I finished the book last night, what a bunch of terrific stories.  I couldn't put the book down.  Liebetrau, Stephen R St. Lukes Medical Center


"The book is great. As an Army veteran, I was furious at the way our troops were treated when they returned from Vietnam.  That was a period in which I was ashamed of our country and disappointed that so few of our elected representatives failed to speak out against that treatment.  I would like for all those who served so valiantly to know there were many veterans that wept for them and hurt for them in their emotional turmoil.  I prayed for them and even now the emotions run wild against those who made their return so hard to bear.  It is my hope and prayer that this book reaches the many who embarrassed our country and causes them to realize the pain they helped to cause.  I have a 'nam vet here in our town who comes to see me every so often and I long to help him lift the burden off his mind and soul.  I want to help him hold his head high, because he is my hero."


Bob Spence

Carnegie Library Director

U.S. Army (1954-1957)



The ghost in the orange closet. I thought it was harrowing but also very uplifting as I lived through the occupation as a young girl in Holland  I feel the terrible choices and dilemmas you all had to face quite accutely and now we have the same problems again more or less in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is a wonderful book and should be required reading for all Governments and Ministers of Defence! 

Sue Aplin, Bath Bristo, England


"Just a note to say thanks for the great read and informational aspect of your book.  As a result of his reading, an old friend paid a visit.  He had read your book during one setting and began to recall many of his personal ghosts.  I felt honored that he wanted to visit and recall some old times; good and bad. Thanks again and keep up the writing."

Carl R Williams, SSG 92B40 Medic



“I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.”

Linda Lewis, Orange Grove


"Well done! After I finished it my sister and my friend read your book and they loved it"

Irene B, Thousand Oaks, Ca


"I really enjoyed reading The Ghost in the Orange Closet and found it to be a very interesting, compelling story".
Henry Garrett, Former Mayor

City of Corpus Christi, TX



I commend your talent as an author. You presented your ‘tour’ in ways that alternately made this reader gasp, laugh, shake his head and well up. I applaud your ability to paint superior word pictures that describe climate, terrain, terror and camaraderie.

Tom, your work is particularly important as our troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan . With PTSD casualty estimates reportedly as high as 25%+, I urge you to marshal yet one more campaign. You and your fellow Cavaliers mount up and lead the charge for acceptance of your book by our military to be touted as highly recommended reading for all returning GIs. The time to vanquish the Ghost is before it is banished to the Orange Closet. Hey, Blue-India … WELL DONE!

 Regards, Roger, Virginia


I have just finished your book. I am profoundly touched and sincerely wish you and your comrades all of the delayed peace and happiness that you so richly deserve.  As an era vet, but not a war vet, you have experienced horrors that I can only imagine. You have my profound respect.
Thank you,
Thom USN


"Revealing 'unseen wounds' and how to treat them. A must read to understand the Post Traumatic Stress symptoms our soldiers bring home."
John Gore,  The Hollywood Reporter (Ret.)

"Tom, Received you book yesterday -- AN AWESOME READ!"

Tom & Karan - Anna, IL

"Ditto, That,"

Jack - Pensicola, FL


“An exceptional, emotional journey for one Vietnam Veteran. It was a captivating and moving story, made up of equal parts of the horror of Vietnam and the hope for a better future for veterans past and present. I could not put this down…I read it in one sitting.”
Neal Kusumoto -  Captain USN (Ret)  Annapolis 81


“I liked the book enormously and found myself wanting to find out about his former “Buddies” as much as the author. I loved the final chapter – very moving, will help the many others trying to free themselves from the cobwebs and finally brush them aside and feel good.”
Patsy Holloway, Author - Poet 
"The Ghost in the Orange Closet is Invigorating, Informative, and  Heart Warming!  Helps individuals understand Post Tramatic Stress Disorder whether it is war related or other circumstances.  Definately a must read! Couldn't put the book down!  Hoping for a sequel!
Laura Windham
of a Wholesale Distributor


"Your wonderful book and the work that you are doing to connect with those you served with and their family members will help many people, now and in the future." 

Peggy - Naples, Fl


"Again, we truly appreciate the book - you did an outstanding job! Congratulations and best wishes,"

Dee - Batavia, IL


"Sir! Thanks for keeping me on the short list for autographed copy."

Roger - Richmond, VA


"The Book is very good. Compared to what our fine military goes through each and every day ,our problems seem pretty small."

Vicky, Hartford, CN




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"Let me say now that the Ghost is a rare example...that the pen is mighter than the sword. Bravo,

my friend!"


Stephanie Jones,

Sr Vice President 

ASHIM - American Society of Health Information Managers

"I found it absolutely fascinating, a great read and well-told story,"

Sue Robinson, KS

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Maj. General Dan P Bolger, Commander 1st Cav Division Author of  "Death Ground"