(In Honor of Dale Rickards, a true 1st Cav Horse Soldier 1921-2009)


A Cavalry Soldier passed on the Stetson and Sword today.

Boots at rest...taps echoed once again.

Flagpoles stand at half; the banner flies stoutly with the wind.


A Cavalry Soldier stepped off a “Winged Horse” today.

Troopers stand with heels pressed taut...adorned with glazed eyes.

Flattened hands pushed temple tight, for one’s last combat flight.


A Cavalry Soldier died today, with honor forged on infinity’s wall.

Long vanished Cavaliers proudly join the final charge,

So Remembrance could speak the name...for eternity’s present roll-call.


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A Cavalier's Last Charge
A Cavalier's Last Charge