The Ghost in the Orange Closet©






Chapter I -- The Ghost: A Vietnam Soldiers Legacy- "In the deepest recesses of your mind is a hiding place…a closet to put old things."


Chapter II -- Going To Nam -"I did get to meet people like Steve McQueen, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemon, Angie Dickerson, and on and on. Jack Lemon was a special delivery of an antique French desk."


Chapter III -- Blue Annihilators -"The roguish characteristics of the pilots carried over to the Blues who now had the look, feel and smell of jungle fighters."


Chapter IV – Meeting On The Net -"What we discovered, as we chatted on the Net, was our memories of the war were very thin, to say the least, and varied greatly."


Chapter V – The Ghost of Blue India - 

            “Are you returning to Phouc Vinh?” I asked.

            “Yes, you’re Blue India, right?” he responded with a tone of amazement.

            “That’s me! Why…you look surprised.”

            “Of course I’m surprised!” he said, “I attended your funeral this morning.”



Chapter VI -- Another Trooper Down - "Most Vietnam Vets, who slowly transfer to Fiddler’s Green, don’t complain or want anything special, while nearly all deem it is part of the service to this country."


Chapter VII -- Brothers Pushed Into The Closet

        A. Searching For Duffy Daugherty - "Duffy was a surfer from Oceanside, Ca. with blond hair and a kind of surfer “Hang Lose” demeanor."

         B.  Contact With Blue Mike - The LZ was safe enough and we moved west on a trail our scout birds followed. Just as we moved about 100 meters in we came under heavy fire."

        C.  Dornellis: What A Character -"Just because he came flying into our hutch seconds before a frag blew up one of our neighbor’s latrines, did not necessarily mean he was the one who did it."


D.  Still Searching For Buddha Jenkins - "Just before the skids hit the ground, the co-pilot turned on a spotlight, so they could measured the distance to the ground, and then quickly turned the rather bright 'here I am, shoot me light' off."


Chapter VIII -- Families Want To Open The Closet Door - "She wanted to find out more about his tour and the men who died in a helicopter with him. She now is our Little Sis. She finally found the brothers of her brother."


Chapter IX – Parading Downtrodden Warriors - "What other country could possibly survive such tumultuous years and still stay united? The Soviet Union could not! Most other countries would have had a revolution or assassinations. Not the United States of America."


Chapter X – On A Cold Metal Table - “Vietnam!” he stated with a sad undertone. “I had an uncle who died there.”



Chapter XI -- PTSD: A Chemical Change In The Brain – “...PTSD is a real physical affliction that must be treated like any other war related wounds.


Chapter XII -- I Think I’m OK Now! -  The movie has a happy ending, Junuh gets the girl, the match ends in a draw, and you go away with a good feeling. They say movies imitate life…and life, at times, imitates the movies.






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